(a) To promote, preserve, propagate and popularise the mother tongue Punjabi including rich culture, art and heritage of Punjab in an effective manner at National and International level and to give its decisions on all matters which may be referred to it;

(b) To encourage the formation of units of the PCC at Districts/Block levels;

(c) To arrange, coordinate, encourage, & manage programmes, exhibitions, seminars, cultural events, fairs etc. related to Punjabi language, culture, art and heritage & other related contests;

(d) To arrange, control, coordinate, regulate and if necessary, finance the visits of teams/officials/intellectuals/academicians to other States/countries for cultural exchange programmes/events/fairs;

(e) To perform all such other acts as may seem to the society to be convenient and or conducive to the attainment to the objects of the council;

(f) To make arrangements for publicity of the objectives of the society i.e. by means of posters, pamphlets and holding of various competitions/ functions/ seminars/ symposia/ workshops etc at National and International level;

(g) To honour/award or present certificates to the individuals or organizations for their social contributions;

(h) To enhance the knowledge of Punjabi, Punjabiat and Punjabi culture in order to promote the concepts, history and symbolic representation of Indian culture as a whole;

(i) To incorporate youth population and diverse ethnicities into its noble mission of producing beautiful and friendly competitions and exciting new projects;

(j) To keep young children and teenagers involved in healthy physical activities and creative art work;

(k) To work and create awareness for various social causes like protection and preservation of environment, clean and green the State/Nation;

(l) To work and create awareness for social causes like deaddiction, prohibition, antismoking, dowry prohibition, abolition of female foeticide, women empowerment, protection of human rights, traffic awareness, pollution control, consumer awareness etc;

(m) To work for poor, needy and ruralites for their upliftment and overall development;

Enrolment of members

Any person desirous of joining the Punjabi Cultural Council as a member shall make an application, on the prescribed form to the President/General Secretary of the council, which will be placed before the Executive Committee which may either accept or reject the application and its decision shall be communicated to the person concerned. The council shall consist of the following categories of members:-

  1. a) Honorary members and Patrons:- Eminent religious persons/ prominent dignitaries may be taken as honorary members and patrons with the recommendation of the President/General Secretary of the council.
  2. b) Life Members:- Donors of Rs 10,000/- or more to the funds may be taken as life members with the recommendation of the President/General Secretary of the council.
  3. c) Active Members:- Persons who subscribe a minimum of Rs.500/-per annum or Rs. 50/- per month to the funds may be enrolled as active members. The subscription shall be payable in advance every year/month.